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The Willowbrook Pullover is a relaxed, easy to wear tunic that goes perfectly with your favorite skinny jeans. Willowbrook combines a no-fuss A-line shape with a generous turtleneck, long sleeves, and notched ribbing detail at the hem. Like many CustomFit patterns, Willowbrook is available in any construction, silhouette, fit, and sleeve length combination you like. Shown in a set-in sleeve construction, tunic length, A-line silhouette and long sleeves here, Willowbrook looks smashing in your favorite drapey yarn.

It's shown here on Maya with an average fit, worked in The Fibre Company Acadia and a tunic-length a-line silhouette. I've created an open notch at the hems by ending my seam where the ribbing detail ends, but you can seam the sides fully if you prefer.

Photo credit 2019, Gale Zucker.

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