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The Morbillo cardigan is named for one of our favorite people at the Sebasco Harbor Resort, where I held my make. wear. love. fall sweater retreats until I ended the retreats in 2019. Sebasco is a special place, made more so by the efforts of the people who run it. This cardigan reminds me of the laid back, but still elegant, style of the resort. It's intended to be worn open, and worked in a reverse Stockinette pattern with stripes of twisted stitches decorating the back, front, and sleeves. I've chosen to wear it in a long length and a-line silhouette with long sleeves, but you can adjust Morbillo to meet your needs.

I used Indigodragonfly's Wingenhooven DK, one of my desert island yarns, for its crisp stitch definition and subtle color changes. The silk, yak, and merino blend perfectly combines softness and luxury and I recommend it without reservation.

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