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The Bricklayer Pullover is a blast from the past for me, design-wise: it's heavily inspired by one of the samples from my second book, Knit Wear Love. Knit Wear Love was a kind-of precursor for CustomFit: "Meta patterns" in simple shapes that are endlessly extensible from a design perspective. Cardigans, pullovers, tanks, vests, cowls, boleros, tunics, and wrap sweaters are each written in 12 sizes, three gauges, with different "customization" patterns that mix and match.

Bricklayer offers a classic take on a simple crew-neck pullover. The sleeves and front are adorned with a simple texture pattern that looks like bricks and works beautifully with shaded-solid yarns like the Swans Island shown. Laura is wearing Bricklayer in a set-in sleeve construction, average length, half-hourglass silhouette, and average fit. You can make your own Bricklayer in any combination of sleeve and sweater length, silhouette and construction you like thanks to CustomFit’s magic. Your custom pattern will also be written to your specific gauge and size preferences.

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