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Fall is hands-down my favorite season, and Bennington is just the kind of cardigan I always reach for during those first chilly fall days. It’s cozy, enveloping, and lusciously complex-looking (while being easy to knit!). Even putting it on just to get the morning paper reminds me of all the hiking, pumpkin- and apple-picking, hot-cider-donut-and-hay-riding days to come.

Originally designed for Harrisville in their WATERshed yarn, Bennington is constructed in pieces from the bottom up with set-in sleeves for stability. Definitely an important thing with worn-open cardigans of this style! WATERshed’s lightness and body contribute to an incredibly wearable finished product, and I highly recommend it for this sweater. I also love Harrisville's lighter Flywheel, and Highland would make another excellent substitute.

The CustomFit version of this pattern is available in straight, a-line, and tapered silhouettes (but not hourglass, since there's no way to guarantee shaping wouldn't overlap the back cable across the gauges and sizes of all knitterdom). The neckline is picked up and worked after seaming. The Left and Right cable charts are 20-row repeats while the Center cable chart is a 24-row repeat. Ensure pattern is kept correct throughout the back. Please swatch in Stockinette. You can find an enlargeable version of the cable chart by clicking here.

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